By Paul Hemsley

I was watching an excellent film called Mad Money starring Diane Keaton and Katie Holmes about a woman who’s badly in debt and gets a job as a janitor at the Federal Reserve, finds a way to sneak out the old tattered money that was due to be destroyed, and actually get away with it.

I’m not big on heist movies, but I loved this film because it showed Americans doing what they do best – stickin’ it to the man!

In light of the Obama Administration establishing a banking dictatorship in the United States with the help of the trusty old Federal Reserve, which is accountable to no-one, it has been solidified as an instrument of totalitarianism run by crooks.

Anyone who had faith that the Federal Reserve System was a beacon for good in America is gravely mistaken. In fact, it was a concept in the United States that was tried three times before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 – talk about failing upwards.

What needs to be done is an audit of the Fed, and if any incriminating evidence is found that it is a cartel working against the public interest, then Diane Keaton should be summoned in to stop cleaning its toilets and throw a spanner in the works, while Katie Holmes works for the restoration of national independence; on second thought, after deciphering her encrypted “HELP ME!” messages, she might not be of any help in the real world.

Really all you can do is get out of debt and maintain a stash of cash while ideally all Fed notes are retired in exchange for gold and silver dollars at the calculated ratio, and just hope that Big Brother and its Bank Buddies get out of our lives.

Who the hell likes banks anyway?

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