By Paul Hemsley
Ever read a 1500 page book in a few hours?
Imagine being a Congressman and being asked to vote on a bill that you didn’t have time to glance at because it’s humanly impossible to read that amount of boring legal jargon in the space of a school morning tea time.  Yeah, I thought so, you’d probably want to vote “whatever” and go home for the weekend. The morons who wrote this Godzilla-sized monster must have been jumping for joy that a pop star had carked it, giving them a wall of shielding in the mass media because they were too busy talking about a tragedy in tinsel-town. They were accountability proof and rushed through the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (AKA, the Cap and Tr8or bill).  Franz Neumann’s ideas about fear and panic have as much validity in accordance to the global warming hoax as much as they do about terrorism under the Bush years – people clung onto the leaders for nanny-like support after the September 11th attacks, but after years of lies, people saw through it and the Military-Industrial Complex was caught red-handed (albeit still not brought to justice)– we can only hope people see through the outright fabrications that are being jammed down their throats like it’s supposedly our fault for the planet turning into Venus and we must be severely punished for it.
Bad humans, BAD!
From what I’ve managed to read of the bill, and believe me, I’ve only read small cited sections of it since I can’t stomach 1500 pages of this rubbish, which was probably the idea, so the Congressmen would be scared off from wasting their time, is that it’s probably the most draconian and unfair piece of legislation since the Patriot Act of 2001. It’s nothing but a rip-off that benefits only corporate and private interests with stakes in the matter like Goldman Sachs and Al Gore since they’ve invested in inherently flawed and unreliable technologies such as solar and wind so people will be forced to buy them because it will be made into law – this is a robbery of money from the taxpayer’s pockets to government and big business that has the potential to destroy the very fabric of the economy, I’m amazed people are begging for it to happen.  The point is they make you feel warm and fuzzy inside for being a good compliant citizen who uses mercury ridden light bulbs (I hear mercury is environmentally friendly, there’s no fraud there!) and take cold showers, but in the end, you lose.
Imagine being just a regular normal person, which you all are anyway, minding your own business, you get up, you work, you go home, enjoy your private life, and go to bed thinking about how you love being a grown-up because you hated being told how to live your life by snarling, nagging teachers in your childhood years – and then getting a knock at the door the next day by the Green Gestapo (sorry, government representatives) who demand to come in and carry out a mandatory inspection of your house, your castle, your private sphere, and find any fault with your private property like your light bulbs, your windows, and any other energy dependent appliance in your house that doesn’t meet the unrealistic standards of the Global Superstate, and finally they force you to pay for the renovations. You wouldn’t like it, and if you say you do, you probably have no idea what you’re in for. Deep down, you’ll want to cut their arms off for looking at you like you’ve broken some ridiculous law you’ve never heard of.  It’s an audit of the way you live, and if you do not comply, you could be fined a ridiculous amount, and every time you say “no” or you don’t let them in, once the accumulation of the fines exceeds the value of your house, they will have the power to take possession of your private property and kick you out. If you resist, you may be branded as a member of an Al Qaeda sleeper cell.
They’ve got you by the balls then, and you have to buy the dodgy new “green” junk.  If I wanted to destroy a superpower, I couldn’t imagine a more efficient and systematic way to bring down a country and have it surrender its sovereignty to an invisible, unaccountable and centralized global power that presents itself with a false mask of righteousness in fighting “man-made climate change”, and robs regular people of any scrap of wealth they had because they’ve been conditioned by the bankster-controlled media to surrender any sense of self-worth they might have left because our breathing is releasing a poison gas called carbon that’s going to kill us all, and the only way to fight it is to tax us until we’re bled dry.  People have become compelled to believe in all this carbon-disaster-boiling-temperatures hocus pocus because in the absence of state religion, they have become susceptible to following the new religion of extreme leftist environmentalism and believing the razzle-dazzle, confusion and Orwellian double-speak of supposed scientists, the high priests of the new order, because these scientists are infallible with the blessing of the United Nations – regardless of other scientists who blame sunspots for fluctuating changes in climate.  These scientists are given no airtime, and their opinions are suppressed because their facts are inconvenient – they’re party-poopers because their data doesn’t make for exciting banner headlines.
It’s unimaginable, but unfortunately true, that touchy-feely junk science based on a mere theory and not proven facts could be widely accepted as Gospel truth without question – it’s a sad time in history where society has lost its ability to be vigilant of snake-oil salesmen promoting alarmism and demand the preservation of their freedom from those who may want to control every aspect of their private lives. For the bankster syndicates who control the flow of this information, their coercive hijacking of a nation’s sovereignty through the environmentalist movement will pay off handsomely for them.
People say we don’t need to fight this because we can just kick the current government out with elections, but that’s irrelevant because by the time the elections arrive, the damage has already been done, and the next government doesn’t do anything to abolish draconian laws passed by the previous crooks, rather they just give it a new name and exploit it. When President Obama rubber stamps this bill into law and flushes the American way of life down the proverbial loo, it won’t matter if there’s a future Republican president elected in 2012 or 2016 to repair the damage, they’ll just use it to their own twisted advantage like the Democrats see the Patriot Act as a golden opportunity to muzzle anyone who stands up to them. It’s the Republicrat way! The Green-Industrial Complex has one goal in mind: total control of everything.  If nobody is able to comply with the new “green” building codes, these government vampires can take hold of everything everyone owns, bulldoze it all and give it back to nature – what eventually happens to the people who occupied those houses is anyone’s guess, but Mother Gaia will be most pleased.  It reminds me of the schoolyard bully attitude of “what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine”, however the tactics of the big-boy world of economics and politics are just more sophisticated, coercive and deceptive.  Unfortunately, the common man doesn’t have the time or interest to give it the scrutiny it deserves.
If, in an alternate universe, they put this abomination in front of me to vote on, I’d read the whole thing aloud to filibuster it and agitate the House chamber until they were all forced to vote against it like their free time depended on it, like they should have done in 2001, rather than irrationally pass acts of legislation just to be seen to be doing something.
The human goal is freedom, liberty and individualism, but of course, there are also taxes, bondage and the pursuit of masochism, that’s if you’re into that sort of thing.  Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies would have a field day with the amount of willing souls into his collective domain.
But most importantly, this fourth of July, celebrate your independence not to pay crappy breathing taxes!

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